The Hormone Shift

Dawn Cutillo authored a book called The Hormone Shift and is a sought-after guest on national daytime talk shows & news programs on issues of hormone health, anti-aging, sexuality, weight loss, detoxification, and stress management. She has appeared on shows such as CBS’ The Doctors, NBC’s The Meredith Vieira Show, Fox News, Daytime, ABC & Tribune. Dawn is also a monthly guest on the Fox affiliate Philadelphia station WFYL, The Balanced Life show.

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Weight Loss Through Natural Hormone Balancing

Cutillo tackles the two biggest struggles women face as they age—stubborn weight and menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, low libido, insomnia etc). In this informative read, she explains that a simple hormonal shift becomes worse with age, hitting its height around menopause. Conventional medicine offers little answers and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy offers minimal results, while causing more weight gain.

Cutillo’s fresh approach is called Natural Hormone Balancing. By connecting the dots between a woman’s blood sugar and her stress and sex hormones, incredible results can be achieved quickly, safely and inexpensively. She scientifically confirms that hormones are the key to weight loss, and how the “calories-in-calories out” model is quickly becoming outdated, no longer working for women over forty.

Cutillo has over 30 years of experience in the health field and a few years ago started to franchise her business, called BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers.

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